A Fantastic Beginning

I’m a dad now.

A Fantastic Beginning

The last five days have been some of the most tiring, stressful, paranoid, and intense moments of my life.

They have also been the best.

I know everyone thinks I’m this really tough guy, but I’ve got a sensitive side too.  I’m so in love with these kids and so humbled by the opportunity to be their dad, I’ve cried at least a dozen times over the past few days.  This world has so many adventures to offer, but there is nothing better than holding these kids in my arms.

I haven’t slept much over the past week, but I used some of my late-night free time to make a short video that captures some special moments from Day One.  Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “A Fantastic Beginning

  1. WHAT a fantastic post and such an accurate description of those first few days. Harrison and I couldn’t be more THRILLED for the McCormick boy/girl band!

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