Christmas and Halloween are pretty rad, but Thanksgiving is the Britney Spears of holidays.  

Thanksgiving is the best holiday.  Yo.

There is amazing food, endless football, and it’s not out-of-control crazy like Christmas.  Most importantly, it’s an amazing time of reflection and gratitude.

Our 2013 Thanksgiving Family Photo

Things will look a little different next year.

Oh, and I can eat SO much pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving and not even feel that bad about it.


Back to the “important” stuff.  Being thankful and junk.

Here’s what I’m most thankful for in 2013:

-A God who forgives.  I desperately need that.  All the time.

-A wife who is patient and doesn’t reject my pleas to help film “music” videos.

Awkward White Guy Rap - Lose Yourself - Eminem

-The dude(tte) who invented selfies.



-Creative friends.

Bert and Ernie

-A little boy and a little girl.


Sriracha.  I put that stuff on everything.



-Baby Jordans.

Baby Jordans

-The new fro-yo place by my office.

-The new fro-yo place by my house.

Justin Timberlake.  “Mirrors” was my jam this year.

-My new brother-in-law.  Now I don’t feel like a third wheel when Amanda and her sister hang out.


-A job where I can be myself

-A church that encourages me to become a better version of myself

-Tom Brady.  Thanks for standing ten feet away from me in January.  It was fun hanging out with you.  (It counts.)

-Sparkling water

-The heroes who come to our Cap City Church small group.  Y’all are nuts, but you are encouraging and entertaining individuals who I don’t want to do life without.

-“Wrecking Ball.”  This was the best song of 2013.  Hopefully I didn’t ruin it.

-The Mexican and Peruvian restaurants by our house.




Hannah M., Brian W., Matt C., Jon Acuff, and Taylor Swift.  You all inspired and encouraged me to start writing this blog.  Thanks.  Now, you must apologize to the rest of the world.

-The people who read this blog.  It means the world to me and I am so grateful for you.

-Red pants


-My Virginia Beach friends.  Yes, our city can be a little cheesy.  Yes, it can be a little trashy.  However, it’s an amazing place to grow up.  Plus, it’s full of spectacular people.


-All my friends.  Thanks for the encouragement and the laughs.

-My BFFs who decided to marry each other.


-Beaches in winter

-The people who actually watch my dumb “rap” videos.  They have gotten 40,000 hits on YouTube over the past few months.  That makes me a little scared for humanity.  However, ease up on the mean YouTube comments.  We have feelings too!

-Kelly Kapowski

-Silly friends

Stop Yelling

Chubbies Shorts

-Cheesy baby stuff

Halloween Shirt

-My red Puma coat.  I’m biased, but it’s pretty dope.

Eric and Andrew

-Taco Bell.  I want you everyday.

-Getting every penny back from our trip to Toronto that was cancelled at the last second due to a blizzard.

-Going crazy for Amanda’s 30th birthday by building her a tower of 30 presents.

amanda gifts

-Being alive

-Powdered donuts

-Game nights


-The Washington Nationals.  The 2013 season was disappointing, but we still had fun.


-Haribo gummy bears

-Haribo everything else

-Our flower beds.  It was fun feeling like an old man each morning I watered the beautiful flowers and plants Paul, Eddie, and Chris planted.

Nando’s Peri Peri.  If you’ve never been, go immediately.  Eat everything.



-UVA’s basketball team.  Thanks for helping me heal from a disastrous UVA football season.

-“Cruise” by Florida-Georgia Line and Nelly.  I love this song.  A lot.

-My bicycle

-Not crashing on my bike at all in 2013




-Chips and salsa

-Jack Link’s beef jerky

…and…most importantly…

My dog


Oh, and Zack Morris.  Thanks for the inspiration, bro.

Baby Daddy x 2 — Vol. 2

Sharks are scary.  Spiders are scary.  Having to bend down in a pair of slim-fit pants after a month of unhealthy eating is scary.

Having twins is scarier.

I have no idea how this whole parenting thing will work. I’m already struggling to fit work, church, friends, family, a dog, blogging, Oreos, “rapping,” sleeping, and exercise into my schedule.  I’m not sure how we’re going to make it with two babies added into the mix.  I’m also clueless about this parenting thing, which my wife pointed out when I suggested that we could take babies Luke and Leia on a backpacking trip to Europe this summer.

Oh, and I’ve never changed a diaper.

In short, I don’t know much about parenting, but I do know this:

1.  I have a little bit of a clothes and shoes addiction.  My desire for our kids to be supa’ fly isn’t helping.  You should buy stock in Nike and Converse because I’m going to make those companies a lot richer over the next few years.

Baby Daddy x2 - Vol. 2

Baby Jordans


Adidas - Track Suit

2.  I sometimes think that it’s crazy to believe in God.  Some mornings I read the Bible and it doesn’t make sense.  I sometimes dream about sleeping in on Sundays instead of waking up early to go to church.  But when I hear the sounds of those babies’ heartbeats, feel them kick my hand, and see their tiny little hearts pumping on a sonogram screen, my faith is unshakeable.

3.  A number of people have sent me a video of two twin babies hugging each other.  Those will NOT be our babies.  First, the music in that video is terrible.  Second, our babies are not doing much hugging.  The dude likes to chill and suck his thumb.  The girl likes to dance around and punch her brother in the head.  Napoleon will protect you in a few months, Baby Luke!

It turns out that Luke loves bling and Leia rocks Chucks.


4.  No, we’re not naming our kids Luke and Leia (although it was briefly discussed).  We’re 90% sure about the names, but can still be swayed with large stacks of cash and/or Oreos.  Britney and Justin are currently our top choices.  Erin and Aaron are close behind.

5.  No, that’s not true either.

Halloween Shirt

6.  Having a baby is really humbling.  I am unworthy of such a blessing.  I’m thankful that God’s grace and blessings don’t work that way.

7.  I’m sick of all the pink and blue stuff.  The people who make baby gear should be a lot more creative and not lazily fall into gender stereotypes.

8.  I love design, colors, and painting.  I’m stoked to craft a ridiculous nursery.  In the world of kiddy v. classy, we’re opting for the latter.  Thus, the Star Wars Legos will be staying in the living room.

9.  Amanda shot down my idea of painting the nursery walls hot pink and/or purple and then decorating them with neon graffiti.  Although that would not have been “classy,” it would have been awesome.

10.  This whole baby thing has been a powerful reminder about the miracle of life.  When we first heard the news, the little babies were the size of poppy seeds (although we thought it was just one poppy seed back then).  Now they are so much bigger and have hearts, faces, brains, fingers, toes, and emotions.  Those same organs will hopefully be rocking out for the next 100 years.  Not only could we see their little hearts beating at our last doctor appointment, but we could see the valves inside their hearts pumping and the blood flowing through their ever-growing bodies.  Like the Backstreet Boys’ “Millenium” album, it was incredible.  Their complex genetic makeup, personalities, and destinies all started with two tiny poppy seeds.  All of it makes me desperately wish I was a scientist.

11.  The weekly “your baby is the size of XYZ fruit/vegetable” update creeps me out.

12.  When I first heard that we were having twins, I was shocked.  Then I laughed.  Then I was terrified.  Now, I can’t imagine it going down any other way.  Unsurprisingly, that’s how life often works.  Yo.

Bye, Weekend.

What’s up, November?!  You kind of snuck up on me, bro.

Although I had to work quite a bit and UVA’s football team continues to crush my heart each Saturday, it was still a fantastic weekend.  I hope you can say the same.  Here’s what I loved the most about this past weekend:

Bye, Weekend.  I Miss You

1.  I got to rock out with three amazing friends on Saturday.  Like the typical DC weekend, we made a rap video.  Other than my twin babies, it is my favorite thing I’ve ever made.  Seriously.  I’ve done a lot of cheesy musical performances over the years.  This one is actually good.  I hope.

2.  Halloween candy is still plentiful around our house.

3.  We had some folks over on Thursday for a non-party Halloween party.  It was fun catching up with old friends, meeting some new ones, and eating way too much food.

4.  I’m a 30-year-old attorney.  I spent Friday night playing a wrestling video game with two other legal professionals who are also present/future fathers.  Yep, we’re a mature and classy bunch.  Oh, and I also got to hang out with my super fly goddaughter.  Unfortunately, her parents separated us because I was “allegedly” teaching her “bad” things.  Whatever.

The Reach

5.  I caught up with a remarkable friend from dear ole’ UVA.  Seriously, he is the coolest and most interesting guy I’ve ever known (other than Justin Timberlake).  Hopefully we will break our streak of only seeing each other once every two years.  I hate it when life gets so busy that you can’t truly enjoy life.

6.  I got some new kicks.  I know the Bible says idolatry is bad, but I think Jesus would make an exception for Jordans.

Jordans7.  Speaking of Jesus, Pastor Dennis crushed an awesome message at Capital City Church about reaching the potential each of us has inside us and not being burdened by the heavy, confusing, and complicated yoke of religion.

8.  Our dear friends Eddie and Paul had a killer Halloween party.  I met so many wonderful people, ate so much incredible salsa, and plowed through twenty Double Stuf Oreos. I regretted two of those decisions the next morning.  Paul, who is a creative genius, had the fun idea that we should be Bert and Ernie for Halloween.  Although we looked like nightmarish versions of those beloved Sesame Street characters, it was still fun!

9.  The Patriots won.

10.  We’re one day closer to college basketball season.

Have a blessed week!

Catching Up

I’m usually a few years behind the times.

CDs came out in 1982.  I didn’t get my first CD until 1998.  It was an interesting choice.


DVDs came out in 1995.  I bought my first DVD in 2002.


I didn’t watch “The Godfather” until 2009.  I finally joined the smartphone world in 2010.  I still haven’t seen “Dirty Dancing.”  Or “Grease.”


And now, twenty-eight years after they were first released, I just bought my first pair of Jordans.


(Just like a photo of [[ insert any female pop star name, other than Christina Aguilera, here ]], I could stare at that picture all day.)

Although I’m at least 10 years too old for those bad boys, I haven’t been this excited about something since discovering the Triple Stuf Oreo.  Or the N.K.O.T.B.S.B. tour.  Or finding out that a FroZenYo was opening up across the street from my office.

To my friends in the DC area:  please accept my sincerest apologies for the bright and tacky outfits I’ll be rocking with these kicks.  Hide yo’ kids!